onsdag 16. april 2008

Ta flammen med deg og send den videre!

LABOUR RIGHTS TORCH LIGHTING THE WAY TO BEIJING The Flame is one of the symbols of the Olympic movement. “Light the Passion Share the Dream” is the official slogan of the Olympic Torch Relay. But how can we share the dream when so many workers are in a living nightmare? If workers’ basic human rights are constantly violated? Catch The Flame spreads the message that people, all over the world, want respect for workers’ rights to be one of the rules of the game. By catching the flame you let your voice be heard by the IOC and hosting governments of the Olympic Games. People all over the world are relaying the human and labour rights message towards its goal. Our Flame is circling East and West to deliver our message to the IOC in Beijing. Help keep it going by passing the flame on to your friends and families. May 1 is International Labour Day and the end of the Catch The Flame Relay. The final number of Torchbearers will be communicated to the IOC and IOC members, along with your personal messages. By catching the flame and entering your details you increase this number. Together we can make the difference.

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